Hi ! I'm Rayan Nait Mazi I love building things that matter with no/low-code tools and AI. These days I'm experimenting with lots of new techs and I'm open to joining others to build ambitious products and organisations.

💚 I lead Engines of Impact to help mission-driven organisations build tech-power ups for their products and operations.

🧬 I'm testing Sciencely with select Biotech labs to help them better organise their research and follow IP laws.

🦾 I'm also hosting Development Hackers, a community for tech enthusiasts who want to discuss and collaborate on Tech for Good.

🇮🇳 Before that, I lead Microskills : an e-learning startup in India to help entrepreneurs from the Bottom of the Pyramid grow their businesses. Unfortunately that didn't work out but I'll help you if you're working on something similar :)

☝️ If you must know more:

  • I'm French and currently live in Paris.
  • I've studied engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris (M.Sc) and tech entrepreneurship at HKUST in Hong Kong (M.Phil).
  • I'm super into ancient history, drinking good wine and good tea.